Bike School

The Portland Gear Hub’s Bike School location at 85 Anderson St opened in May 2017 to provide a dedicated space for bicycle education and programming. The Bike School is situated in the East Bayside neighborhood of Portland, Maine. Across the street are lively basketball courts, playing fields, and a playground area. In the Bike School, we have five mechanic benches, each complete with a bike stand and tools. All of our youth and adult programs, as well as many of our classes and workshops, are hosted at the Bike School.

The Bike School is currently closed during COVID19. For our service, retail, and donation drop-offs, visit our retail store at 155 Washington Ave.

Information about our 2020 Earn-A-Bike programs and Educational Classes Coming Soon

What programs and classes are held at the Bike School?

  • Be Your Own Bike Mechanic
  • Open Bench Time
  • Youth Wrench
  • Youth Earn a Bike
  • Girls Mountain Bike Camp
  • Bikes for All Mainers
  • Learn to Ride
  • Gender Equality Outdoors
  • Community Workshops