MTB Skill Builder Advanced Class – Cornering 201 – Gorham Trails – Sept 8th


No matter where or how you ride, cornering is the #1 skill that can make you a more confident and faster rider. There’s no better feeling in mountain biking than when you really nail a corner and feel connected to the trail! This next-level cornering class will focus on carrying speed through technical corners like late-apexs and switchbacks.
***Having a good understanding of cornering technique is key to your success in this class. Please consider taking a Cornering 101 class or something similar before taking this 201 level class. Thanks!***
All Skill Builder Advanced Classes are great for building good techniques & habits for specific skills. Each 90 min class will focus on a specific skill or group of skills that will help you ride advanced terrain with confidence. Instruction is provided by PMBIA-certified and experienced instructors who know Maine riding well. Sessions are limited to 5 students in order to allow for high-quality instruction and safety. Venues are chosen based on the skill being focused on.
***Attending a series of Fundamentals classes or a similar program is strongly encouraged before attending an advanced class. Please reach out to if you have a question about your ability level for this class.***

Sliding scale pricing for these classes helps us ensure that economic challenges don’t become barriers to enjoying this awesome sport; please pay what you can afford, knowing that others may be less or more advantaged.

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-Class starts at 5:30pm and goes until 7pm.
-All Classes are for ages 15+. Under 18 requires a Guardian’s presence in the class.
-All Classes are BYO-Bike.
-Please consider bringing water, a snack or two, and appropriate clothing.