Outdoor Gear Consignment

The Portland Gear Hub is now accepting consignment of select outdoor gear to continue our mission of increasing access to the outdoors and quality used equipment.

Interested in consigning? Follow the steps below.

Consignment Process

  1. View our full consignment policy.
  2. Register as a Consignor in our system
  3. Complete a Gear Hub item intake form for each item
  4. Bring your item(s) into the Portland Gear Hub during consignment hours (Monday – Friday 10 am – 5:30 pm at 155 Washington Ave.) Review item condition and pricing with Gear Hub staff to determine eligibility
    • We are only accepting camping equipment on consignment at this time. Please see the list of items we will take and will not take ahead of time.
    • The price will be negotiated between the consignor and PGH staff


Items Accepted (final decisions made in-store)*

Summer camping gear consignment happening now!

*Items may or may not be accepted based quality, condition, and available space in the store.

  • Tents
    • We will ask you to set up the tent for a staff person to inspect
  • Sleeping Pads
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Backpacking Stoves
    • We will test the stove with you at intake
  • Mess Kits and Camp Cookware
  • Backpacking Backpacks
  • Hiking Daypacks
  • Hip Packs
  • Modern Headlamps
    • With working batteries
  • Climbing Shoes
  • Climbing Chalk Bags
  • Outdoor Footwear
  • Outdoor Apparel
  • Panniers and bicycle frame bags

Items Currently Not Accepted for Consignment

  • Winter snowsport equipment
    • Skis, snowshoes, ice climbing, ice skates
  • Bicycles and Bike components
  • Bike apparel
  • Running sneakers
  • Flip flops
  • Life Jackets  / Personal Floatation Devices
  • Fashion brand apparel (J. Crew, Old Navy, etc)
  • Coleman stoves and fuel
  • Tents larger than 4 person capacity
  • Winter Apparel
  • Long Underwear and under garments
  • Bathing Suits
  • Roof racks and roof rack fit kits / foot packs