Latest Donations – cast iron pan, inflatable dingy, bowling balls…

Here at the Portland Gear Hub, we never know what sort of donations are going to come in the door. Last week, we got a handful of bikes (from Magna to Miele), tents, sleeping bags, about twenty fishing rods, and an inflatable dingy. Today, among other things, we got a bowling ball. Watching these items come in the door is inspiring. Today I find myself asking “what fun thing could I do with that bowling ball?” and “how could I invent a sport involving 5 Huffy bikes and a bowling ball?”

One of our exciting ventures this month is launching our brand new blog. Our aim is to highlight thoughts and ideas and exciting pieces of gear online for your viewing pleasure. And so here I am. I sit with a mug of tea, watching a group of people load a couch into a pickup truck outside, and muse about what sorts of things we ought to write about today. But wait! I believe I’ve stumbled upon it.

Just as we never know what to expect when we arrive at the shop, you can look forward to being similarly surprised by our brand new blog. Over the next year, we intend to present to you a carefully curated cut of the Portland Gear Hub’s finest– our finest ideas, concepts, inventions, and of course, gear.

This week, along with my self indulgent ramble, I’d like to present a fantastic piece of gear. I’m astounded it is still here. Proudly presenting: this cast iron pan.


This is a 15″ Lodge cast iron—-

Hold up. As I was typing that, a supporter came in with another donation. We just received a composite hunting bow (brand Rambo- pretty awesome) and a quiver of arrows. New favorite donation. Yet another thing I feel compelled to buy.

Stop reading and go outside.