Road Bikes

Zoom! Zip! Zowie! These skinny-tired steeds will get you where you’re going fast, even if it’s just to pick up your essentials. We’ve got classic steel bikes from the 70’s & 80’s to fancy carbon fiber racers, and everything in-between. This category is really broad and you’ll find touring bikes, racing bikes, commuters, single speeds, and more here. (If there’s nothing listed, we simply don’t have anything available right now. Sorry!)

All of the bicycles we sell have been donated to the Portland Gear Hub and are refurbished and ready for your next ride. All bikes have received full tune-ups and parts have been replaced as needed. All bicycle sales are final; that said, we stand behind the work we do and if you have issues with your bike we’ll work with you to make it right.

We do not offer shipping at this time. We started making bikes available for purchase online as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Bikes & accessories will be available for pickup at our 155 Washington Ave. location when we’re open.