Make Your Own Bike Panniers! Thursday, May 30


This workshop will be hosted by a Gear Hub community member!

Easy-on-and-off panniers are convenient, groovy, and take the weight off your back while biking. They keep your back cooler, and you cool. In the workshop, we’ll use corrugated plastic to give your pannier-to-be its structure and then we’ll help you attach everyday hardware to your bag so that it can hook securely onto the side of your bike’s rear rack. We invite you to this DIY party in the name grocery shopping by bike, bicycle flower deliveries, carrying art supplies, picnics by bike, bicycle camping, and a community that increasingly invests in making these pleasures economically and socially accessible.

BYOBag (Bring Your Own Bag)

This event is BYOBag. Step 1: Find a bag you love. Old backpacks and Tidy Cats cat litter containers are recommended. Bags should be in the shape of a portrait (not in the shape of a landscape) in order to leave room for your pedaling feet beside them. And remember: If you don’t have a bag, come anyway! We’ll have extras! 

You will definitely have time to build 1 pannier at this event! You may have time to build 2. There’s no requirement to bring your bike along, but you may enjoy test-fitting your pannier before you place your hardware on your bag. Templates will be available at the workshop to make hardware placement easy and straight-forward without a bike present.

This course is offered on a sliding fee scale; simply pay what you can afford. To register for free, please call or visit the shop to let us know you are attending! Registration allows us to plan supplies, tools, the work space and snacks. Your registration is a reservation. Thank you!

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