Mechanics Classes

  • Build Your Own Dynamo Wheel

    Learn to build your own wheel and start riding it!

    Dynamo Hub and Light

    Ride all through the winter with strong and dependable self-powered lights! In this 2-part class, learn to lace, tension, true and build your own dynamo hub front wheel. Taught by our Gear Hub Service Manager, Tucker Smith, we’ll set you up with a high quality Shutter Precision dynamo hub and measure out the proper spoke lengths and rim to match your bike. In 2 nights, you will learn to lace and true a wheel you can ride AND you’ll be forever equipped with a light charged by your own pedal power.
    Dynamo Hubs are an excellent and reliable source of lighting for year-round night riding. Shutter Precision hubs have a sleek finish and are some of the best performing generator hubs around. The hubs are available in silver and black and are disc compatible. Many gear hub mechanics and customers personally ride and put these hubs to the test! We will also provide advice on dynamo headlight options, ordering, and installation.
    This intimate class is limited to 5 students. Each student will have access to their own truing stand and have hands-on help during the class. Sign up before November 27th for an early-bird registration discount!

    2 Sessions:

    December 12 – 13, 6:30 – 9 PM
    January 16 – 17, 6:30 – 9 PM

    Class Structure

    1st Night: Lacing, Tensioning, Light options

    2nd Night: Building, Truing, Light installation advice

    Parts specs:

    • The $200 Parts Package includes 1 Shutter Precision hub, Sapim spokes and Sun Ringle Rims with a built-in student discount of 10% off (The SP hub included is a 100mm QR hub. Rims and hubs are available in all wheel sizes and hubs standards, but will incur a surcharge).
    • For custom builds, please inquire for pricing and availability. Contact
    • We are retailers of Schmidt hubs and a number of rim manufacturers
    • We can recommend and help order dynamo headlights and will help advise on installation. We are authorized retailers of B+M, Schmidt and Sinewave lights and inverters. Quality headlights typically run between $60 – $150 and are not included in the parts package.
  • Be Your Own Bike Mechanic

    A 5-week bike course that thoroughly tackles all aspects of your bike. December’s class will be taught by Brian Danz, a professional mechanic, educator, and rad mountain biker. Throughout the series, students will be able to deconstruct their bike, identify mechanical problems, and put it all back together again.

    Thursday nights November 30 – December 28, 6:30 PM – 9 PM

    30 minutes of class-time + 2 hours on the Bench.

    $150.00 class fee for the entire series. This class is limited to 5 students. Every student will have their own bench, stand, and tool set to work with.

    Week 1: Overall Bike Evaluation; Wheels & Tires
    Week 2: “Make It Stop!” The Brakes
    Week 3: “Shifty Characters” The Drivetrain
    Week 4: “Make it Go” More Drivetrain and Bearing Systems
    Week 5: Putting it All Together; Group Ride!

    Provided by the Portland Gear Hub with support from the Bicycle Coalition of Maine

    SOLD OUT! Stay tuned for offerings in 2018!

  • Ready, Set, Go Tubeless!

    Have you been considering going tubeless on your mountain bike? Tubeless tires offer a variety of benefits over using tubes like reduced chances of getting a flat and the ability to run lower tire pressure, which increases traction and control; but many people have concerns about the complexity.

    Come learn all about tubeless tire setups and mount up your own wheels properly with guidance from local mountain biking instructor Brian Danz.

    In this 2-hour class you will learn:

    • How tubeless works
    • What to expect from your new setup
    • Full installation process
    • Trailside fixes
    • Maintaining your setup

    $75 workshop fee + $45 tubeless kit (optional)

    Limited to 5 people.

    *We require that the RIMS and TIRES of your setup be considered “tubeless-ready” in order to participate in this workshop – message us with any questions*

    Another Saturday session available soon!