Repair Service

The Portland Gear Hub offers full-service bike repair at 155 Washington Ave. We have a wide selection of new and used parts to maintain or upgrade your bike’s components. They are organized for customer browsing or we can guide you through your options. In addition to our full-service repairs at the garage, we also offer Open Bench Time¬†at the Bike School so that you may do your own repair using our professional stands and tools.

Thank you to our volunteers and donors that help us maintain our exciting and large used parts collection!

Garage Service Center


  • Flat Fix (includes tube and tax) – $12
  • Flat Fix on rear wheel with accessory (coaster brake, internal hub, rear-mounted rack or kickstand) – $15
  • Adjustments – $10 ea.
    • Brakes, derailleurs
    • Hubs and headset
  • Bottom Bracket Adjustment – $15
  • Wheel True – $10 – $20

Component Install and Adjustment + Parts

  • Cable and Housing – $12 ea.
  • Brake Pads – $12 ea.
  • Chain – $8
  • Cassette/ Freewheel – $10
  • Tire – $8
  • Pedals – $5
  • Fork – $40
  • Spoke – $15 front; $20 rear + $2 spoke
  • Bottom Bracket (Cartridge) – $15

Accessory Install + Parts

  • Fenders – $20 – 30
  • Rack – $15 – 20
  • Training Wheels – $15

Tune-Ups + Parts

Safety Check – $15

  • Inflate tires, quick adjustments, tighten major fasteners, clean and lube chain

Basic Tune – $40

  • Adjust both brakes and derailleurs. Inflate tires, tighten major fasteners, clean and lube chain.

Full Tune – $65

  • Includes everything in the Basic Tune + true wheels, adjust headset and hubs.

*Bottom bracket adjust is $10 extra

Overhaul – $125

  • Install all new cables and housing and adjust brakes and derailleurs. All bearings adjusted and fresh grease applied where needed.

** In any of our tune-ups, you can substitute component or accessory installations for an adjustment (for instance, you may have perfect brakes, but need a new bottom bracket!)

Wheel Builds

Ask us about a custom-built dyno hub or an extra sturdy tandem wheel and we’ll be happy to build your dream wheel. Build prices very, but start at $55 + parts per wheel.

We use the latest Park Tool TS-4 Professional Truing Stand which accommodates quick release or thru-axle hubs, wheel sizes from 16″ to 29″ and a tire width up to 5.” We can also true your disc brake rotor with the Park Tool DT-3 Rotor Truing Gauge attachment.

We also offer a Wheel Building 101 class to walk you through the art of wheel building and guide you towards building your own custom wheel.

Custom Bike Builds

We can help you build a custom gravel bike, touring bike, road bike, and more with our array of vintage components and lugged steel frames, as well as access to new components and accessories. View the bikes in our gallery for recent and past examples.

Bike & Gear Gallery