About Us

A few years ago, the Portland Gear Hub was an idea and a car filled with cross country skis and snow shoes.  We began as a conversation between two non-profits and old friends looking for a way to work together.  The conversations ran through ideas of how to get youth and families outdoors with equipment and funding current youth development programs.Bike Doctor

In short, not everyone knows a friend with a cool basement full of outdoor gear equipment, and we wanted to be that basement!  The Portland Gear Hub emerged as a non profit bike and outdoor gear ship where community members and businesses can donate gear that can be repaired from snow shoes to bicycles.  All the proceeds from the sales support more youth getting outside.

Today that is what is happening!  We’ve been open since January 2014 in the basement of the Portland YMCA.  We are that gem of a basement in Portland, the basement full of outdoor gear from road bike derailleurs, tent stakes, to cross country ski bindings.  Ainsley Judge was hired in March 2014 and has been our full-time shop manager since January 2015.  Ainsley brings her sense of working in community bikes across the US to the shop as we take on all forms of movement: biking, skating, camping, skiing!

As our adventure has evolved we have established The Library at The Portland Gear Hub that allows adults who work with youth to take a low cost workshop and be able to borrow outdoor gear year-round.  We are excited about future opportunities for youth, families and our community.  This summer we look forward to seeing everyone out and about either dropping by a farmers market bike fix it station, pop-up shop or using you new-to-you gear!  Check it out!

In early 2015, we decided that we were ready to move into a space of our own.  We’ve moved into Union Station Plaza and have been enjoying our new neighborhood!

Thank you for your support and patronage at The Portland Gear Hub.  Look forward to seeing you outdoors!

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